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Hilltop’s First Snowmen of 2012

The joy a snowman (or lady) can bring is so fleeting. It only lasts as long as the cold and around here, that isn’t very long. Yesterday we saw neighbors all over the hill creating new snowpeople. Here are the ones we were able to capture.

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If you have a picture of a Hilltop snowman in your neck of the hood, send it to us at hilltoptacoma@yahoo.com and we’ll add it to our slideshow.

Happy snow days!

Ice Painting

Freezing nighttime temps on April 18 left an ice pattern atop a neighborhood car.

Springing Forward with Two Full Rainbows

After a rainy and windy Sunday, the sun brought us two rainbows just before dusk.

Surviving the Sun

The day after the storm, the snowman braves the rays at the house on the corner.

Snowman at the House on the Corner

The 5'7" snowman arrived at the house on the corner during February's snowstorm.

Winter Rainbow

A tumultuous sky brings a solitary rainbow to brighten up the winter grays.

Caught in Winter’s Rain

Jezabel, the lost kitty, is somewhere on the streets of Hilltop in the winter rain.