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Winter’s Gifts

Yesterday morning we made our daily trek to Northeast Tacoma to visit family. Along the way we saw the progression of a beautiful January sunrise. It reminded us of why we love living here in Tacoma: We get to be a part of a wonderfully artsy city, plus seeing the grandeur of the Puget Sound’s water, mountains, and more, is just a short drive away from the city skyline.

The beginning of a new year always brings hope and little blessings. Little by little as the days get longer, these winter sunrises seem to brighten even the dullest of gray days. They are little gifts that come with the rain.

Deep purples and pinks brighten Hilltop at the corner of 19th and J Streets.

The sun rises with yellows and pinks over Mt. Rainier and the Puyallup River.

*These photos are not edited. Only Mother Nature could paint skies so beautifully.

Brand New Day

This morning we awoke to fog so dense we couldn’t even see across the street. As it dissipated, we saw the most beautiful sunrise over Hilltop.

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Bird on a Wire

A lone crow watches over Ernest S. Brazill Street and Hilltop Safeway at sunrise.

Sun Rising on Saint Patty’s Day

The winter sun rises over Tacoma's Hilltop on a chilly St. Patrick's Day.

Morning View

A cold, February sunrise greets early risers on their way to work.

Safeway Sunrise

Hilltop welcomes the warmth of a spring sunrise.

Beautiful Day Ahead

Hilltop awakens to a hopeful autumn sunrise.