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We spotted one of our ducks!

A member of our duck army is on display at Fulcrum Gallery. Thanks, Oliver!


Bird on a Wire

A lone crow watches over Ernest S. Brazill Street and Hilltop Safeway at sunrise.

Lost Ferret: Reward.

Look out below! If you see a funny little guy around 12th & M, he may be lost.

Sunday Delivery

One of Hilltop's neighbors left a cart full of free food behind Safeway this evening.

pretty cool, huh?

This old Chrysler hangs out beneath a carport along 9th Street on Hilltop.

Shape Up or Ship Out

A modification of Safeway's "No Loitering, No Panhandling, No Trespassing" signage.

Hot Hoopin’ on Hilltop

Last night Hilltop's L. Lisa Lawrence lit up her new fire hoop for neighborhood fans.