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The 1%: Inside My Mind


Happy Hilltop Halloweenie Family

We spotted this family on our way to today's Occupy Tacoma event at People's Park.

Rotator Magazine Launch Party Tonight

Tonight at 7 pm, Fulcrum Gallery is hosting a launch party for the new Rotator Magazine, a collaborative project between local writers, artists, photographers, and graphic designers. Rotator, a quarterly magazine, will have a limited run of 500 editions each printing. Fulcrum Gallery is one of its sale locations.

Fulcrum Gallery is located along Hilltop's Martin Luther King Jr. corridor.

We are excited to see Rotator Magazine, as its list of collaborators is a highly talented and innovative crew. Art Chantry, the artist behind Fulcrum’s current exhibit, “Parkland is Burning!” is one of its collaborators.

Next week on Thursday, October 20, at 6 pm, Chantry will give an artist talk about his work at Fulcrum.

Fulcrum Gallery is located on Hilltop at 1308 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Visit its website for more information.

We hope to see you tonight! For more information about Rotator Magazine, check out Kate Albert Ward’s article at Post Defiance, a really cool new local blog. You can also go to Rotator’s website, which should have a digital version of the magazine up and running soon.

We spotted one of our ducks!

A member of our duck army is on display at Fulcrum Gallery. Thanks, Oliver!

“I Love Hilltop” Duck Army

This afternoon we unleashed our “I Love Hilltop” duck army on the neighborhood. We left the ducks, 24 of them, on porches, in parks, and at businesses. Why? We like doing silly little things and sharing our love of the hill. If you happen to find a duck, we would love to see a picture!

A quacky group: The Hilltop duck army awaits deployment shortly before noon.

Thank you neighbor Lisa, the Monkeyshines crew, and Beautiful Angle, for giving us some guerilla-sharing inspiration.

Venture into 2nd Cycle

2nd Cycle is a hidden treasure of a resource for our community.

Hilltop’s 2nd Cycle is a wonderful community bicycle project. It is located in an alley along 11th Street between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and South L Street. Nestled behind a few of Hilltop’s favorite resturants, Pho King and Le Le, and just around the corner from Pho Bac, it is a friendly place to go if you’re in need of bike parts or repair instruction.

Volunteers at 2nd Cycle works to be advocates for bicycling in Tacoma. They provide work space, tools, bicycling literature, and a staff who’s willing to help others learn how to fix and maintain their own bicycles. They offer low-cost bike parts, as well.

2nd Cycle is always looking for donations of unwanted bicycles and parts. They are able to maintain their space through donations and sales of refurbished bicycles and parts.

For more information about 2nd Cycle, check out their blog and Facebook page. They are open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays sometime around noon to six. Stop on in and see what they’ve got. Entering the space is an experience in itself.

Oh, and, someone at 2nd Cycle is an amazing artist. Their hand-drawn posters are awesome.

Josh Rizeberg’s Saturday Video Shoot

Saturday afternoon Josh Rizeberg’s family and friends gathered at Hilltop’s People’s Park to take part in the video shoot for his single “Don’t Be Late.” “Don’t Be Late” is the newest single from Rizeberg’s recently-released album, Rize of the Boom. It is a collaborative project he did with Seattle producer Boombox Massacre. Ryan Nielson of Tacoma-based AFATASI Pictures directed the video.

Video producer Ryan Nielson, Boombox Massacre, and Josh Rizeberg talk shop.

Rizeberg is a long-time Hilltop resident and writes a column called “What’s the Word?” for the Weekly Volcano. In addition to Rizeberg and Boombox Massacre, local rappers, including Mr. Von, General Wojack, Ghetto Baby, Abom, Awall, Young Crime, the Koomaniacs, Anaxagorous, K. Coats, and more, attended the shoot.

“Don’t Be Late” is due to drop in about two weeks. Check out a preview of the video here. Be sure to download Rize of the Boom, too. With its strong commentary and powerful beats, it’s worth a listen.