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Hilltop’s Neighborhood Churches

We have long wondered how many churches are on Hilltop, as it seems there is one on every block. This weekend we embarked on journey that took us up and down the streets of Hilltop so we could find out. After almost five hours in the car, we got our answer. We photo documented 44 Hilltop churches.

For the purpose of our search, we used the following boundaries for Hilltop: 6th Avenue to 28th Street and Sprague Avenue to Tacoma Avenue. A few of the churches we included are just over the boundaries we used, but we included them anyway. Some we photographed do not appear to be in use, but we documented them anyway. We did our best to provide accurate names and addresses.

Here is what we found:

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Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church–1223 MLK Jr. Way
Altheimer Memorial COGIC–1121 S. Altheimer Street
Brotherhood Church of God–2124 MLK Jr. Way
Central Church of Christ–1402 S. L Street
Christ Life Center Church–711 S. 25th Street
Church of Christ–2307 Tacoma Avenue South
Church of the Living God (CWFF)–1954 S. M Street
Edward’s Temple Church of God in Christ–1107 S. 21st Street
Evangelistic Center Church of God in Christ–1423 MLK Jr. Way
Faith for Living Covenant Church International–1301 MLK Jr. Way
First Lutheran Church of Tacoma–524 S. I Street
First United Methodist Church–621 Tacoma Avenue South
Friendship Christian Center–1016 S. L Street
Full Gospel Pentecostal Church–2524 S. Wilkeson Street
Genesis Missionary Baptist Church–1206 S. 11th Street Suite 7
God’s Pentecostal Church–2501 Tacoma Avenue South
Greater Christ Temple Church Apostolic Faith–1926 S. G Street
Hilltop Christian Center–1016 S. 10th Street
Iglesia de Jesucristo Palabra de Vida Eterna–1313 S. J Street
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses–2308 S. Cushman Avenue
Lion of Judah Evangelistic Center–2316 Yakima Avenue South
Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church–1201 S. J Street
Miles Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal–1601 S. L Street
Mount Calvary Baptist Church–1311 S. I Street
Mount Tabor Baptist Church–2302 S. Alaska Street
New Covenant Pentecostal Tabernacle Church–2156 S. K Street
New Jerusalem Church of Christ in God–1623 S. 11th Street
New Life Christian Church–1804 Tacoma Avenue South
Pathway–824 MLK Jr. Way
Peace Lutheran Church–2106 S. Cushman Avenue
Sheridan Street Community Church of God–2303 S. Sheridan Street
Shiloh Baptist Church–813 S. 13th Street
Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church–1108 Yakima Avenue South
St. John Baptist Church #2–2300 S. L Street
St. John Church Transformation Ministries–2001 S. J Street
St. Leo Church Jesuit Parish–710 S. 13th Street
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church–1523 Yakima Avenue South
St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran (WELS)–2553 Tacoma Avenue South
St. Rita of Cascia Catholic Church–1403 S. Ainsworth Avenue
Sure House Open Bible Church–901 S. 10th Street
Temple of Praise Church of God in Christ–1149 S. J Street
Trinity Presbyterian Church–1615 6th Avenue
Victory Outreach Church–2150 S. Cushman Avenue
Word of Life Bible Fellowship–2345 Tacoma Avenue South

If we happened to miss a church or have errored at all, please let us know. When new churches open within the boundaries we used, please leave us a comment. We would love to photograph more to add to our list.

Peace Lutheran Youth Group Seeks Donations

Peace Lutheran Church, located at 2106 S. Cushman Avenue in Tacoma, is currently accepting donations for a family event and raffle they will be having in mid-April. Proceeds from the raffle will fund a youth group mission trip in August. The church is planning on sending 25-30 youth on the mission and needs to raise $11,000. Several fundraising events are planned. April’s family event and raffle, still in the planning stages, is the first such event.

For its raffle Peace Lutheran Church is accepting items in new condition, gift certificates for services, or baskets of goodies. This is an excellent opportunity for Hilltop businesses to be involved in the community. Most donations are tax-deductible.

Please contact the church office at (253) 383-1317 for further infomation. You may also visit Peace Lutheran’s website for information about its programs and community involvement.

Peace Lutheran Church is located at 2106 S. Cushman in Tacoma's Hilltop.

Youth at Peace Lutheran are empowered to incite positive change in the world.

Ivory’s Mural

Reverend Ivory Crittendon's building used to house a post office and a bar.

Ivory’s mural is painted on a vacant building at 2143 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. The improvement was recently done by local artists as a part of Tacoma’s Safe and Clean Community-Based Mural Program. Reverend Ivory Critterdon, the owner of the property, has high hopes for its future. He wants to clean up and level the grass field adjacent to the wall so community members can have a nice place to bring their families, a gathering spot of sorts.

Reverend Ivory and his wife Billie founded Christian Brotherhood Academy, the school across the street from the mural. “I believe in education,” he said. That is why his portrayal on the mural is gifting books to children. Also pictured on the mural is Ivory’s long-time friend, Morris “Mr. Mac” McCollum, owner of Mr. Mac, a classy clothing store on 12th and MLK. Mr. Mac’s likeness on the mural is tossing balls and musical instruments to children.

Reverend Ivory welcomes newcomers to his church, Brotherhood Church of God, also across the street from the mural. “We have lots of white sisters and brothers,” he said, smiling, “but we sing pretty heavy.”

Ivory's likeness on the mural passes books to school children.

Ivory's long-time friend, Mr. Mac, is pictured passing out sports equipment.

Ivory's Mural brightens up the corner of 21st and MLK.