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Venture into 2nd Cycle

2nd Cycle is a hidden treasure of a resource for our community.

Hilltop’s 2nd Cycle is a wonderful community bicycle project. It is located in an alley along 11th Street between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and South L Street. Nestled behind a few of Hilltop’s favorite resturants, Pho King and Le Le, and just around the corner from Pho Bac, it is a friendly place to go if you’re in need of bike parts or repair instruction.

Volunteers at 2nd Cycle works to be advocates for bicycling in Tacoma. They provide work space, tools, bicycling literature, and a staff who’s willing to help others learn how to fix and maintain their own bicycles. They offer low-cost bike parts, as well.

2nd Cycle is always looking for donations of unwanted bicycles and parts. They are able to maintain their space through donations and sales of refurbished bicycles and parts.

For more information about 2nd Cycle, check out their blog and Facebook page. They are open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays sometime around noon to six. Stop on in and see what they’ve got. Entering the space is an experience in itself.

Oh, and, someone at 2nd Cycle is an amazing artist. Their hand-drawn posters are awesome.