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Sunday Delivery

One of Hilltop's neighbors left a cart full of free food behind Safeway this evening.


pretty cool, huh?

This old Chrysler hangs out beneath a carport along 9th Street on Hilltop.

Shape Up or Ship Out

A modification of Safeway's "No Loitering, No Panhandling, No Trespassing" signage.

Hot Hoopin’ on Hilltop

Last night Hilltop's L. Lisa Lawrence lit up her new fire hoop for neighborhood fans.

A Splash of Color

We spotted this tape network on a wall in the alley above Hilltop's 1022 South.

This is similar to other pieces seen around town created by Street Sign Project.

A Rose for Eliza

Eliza Mae could get a free rose from Hilltop's Farley's Flowers if she were here.

Vintage Hilltop Graffiti

This weathered "Hilltop" graffiti is hidden in Ferry Park's toddler play area.