We came. We marched.

Yesterday afternoon we joined other citizens to march in the first-ever Occupy Tacoma event. We began the march at Fireman’s Park and walked all the way down Pacific Avenue to Tollefson Plaza. There we had a small rally and photo op. Marchers then continued on down Pacific, stopped to chant in front of the federal courthouse at the old Union Station, and moved on to the University of Washington Tacoma Campus. The march ended with another rally at Tollefson Plaza and the event ended around 6pm.

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Occupy Tacoma was an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, an event that has lasted for weeks. Citizens nationwide are now joining in the movement as the 99% of our society who is being abused by the 1%, the corporations, broken promises, war, and skyrocketing healthcare, among other things.

The march was peaceful and fun. We found support from motorists honking as they drove by and spectators looking on from windows high above. Occupy Tacoma organizers are planning more events, including a longer occupation.

Neither of us are particularly the protest type, but found this one important. It was an all-inclusive event and we fit right in. Try to catch the next one. Stand up. We are the 99%.

For more information, check out the Occupy Tacoma website.

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