Josh Rizeberg’s Saturday Video Shoot

Saturday afternoon Josh Rizeberg’s family and friends gathered at Hilltop’s People’s Park to take part in the video shoot for his single “Don’t Be Late.” “Don’t Be Late” is the newest single from Rizeberg’s recently-released album, Rize of the Boom. It is a collaborative project he did with Seattle producer Boombox Massacre. Ryan Nielson of Tacoma-based AFATASI Pictures directed the video.

Video producer Ryan Nielson, Boombox Massacre, and Josh Rizeberg talk shop.

Rizeberg is a long-time Hilltop resident and writes a column called “What’s the Word?” for the Weekly Volcano. In addition to Rizeberg and Boombox Massacre, local rappers, including Mr. Von, General Wojack, Ghetto Baby, Abom, Awall, Young Crime, the Koomaniacs, Anaxagorous, K. Coats, and more, attended the shoot.

“Don’t Be Late” is due to drop in about two weeks. Check out a preview of the video here. Be sure to download Rize of the Boom, too. With its strong commentary and powerful beats, it’s worth a listen.

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