Nate Dybevik’s Piano Museum

One of our favorite artsy places on Hilltop right now is N. Dybevik Piano Company. It’s located near 13th and MLK in a cluster of Spaceworks Tacoma projects, including Fabitat and Toy Boat Theatre. Dybevik’s space is thought-provoking and humble. It’s a place we could admire for hours.

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Nate Dybevik is a musician and a collector. All of the old pianos in his Spaceworks spot are from his personal collection and he is learning how to bring them back to life with the help of piano expert Obi Manteufel. The space is a work in progress. It changes little by little, but its essence stays the same. The heart of the space, the pianos, are young and old, worn and torn apart, and beautiful.

In addition to the piano museum, Dybevik plays live music and hopes to teach piano lessons in the space. Stop by N. Dybevik Piano Company and visit the collection. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear some live acoustic music. 

For a preview of Dybevik’s music, check out his Bandcamp site. There you can download his latest album. Also visit his website, Facebook page, and Spaceworks Tacoma’s site for more information and press. 

Most importantly, though: Go see the pianos!

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