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Rizeberg Video Shoot Tomorrow: Don’t Be Late.

This Saturday, Hilltop hip-hop artist Josh Rizeberg will be filming his newest music video and we’re all invited. The video shoot for his song “Don’t Be Late,” one of the singles off his newest project, Rize of the Boom, will take place at People’s Park at 2 pm. “Don’t Be Late” is an energetic track. The video shoot is bound to be fun.

On Rizeberg’s newest album, Rize of the Boom, he collaborates with Seattle producer Boombox Massacre to bring a lively, thought-provoking collection of songs. His style has evolved from his last album, Word to the Wize. The content of his lyrics is similar, but his delivery is better. He is successfully transitioning from his spoken word roots to rapping.

One of our favorite songs from the album, “My Truth,” is a powerful commentary on the realities of Western culture. In “My Truth,” Rizeberg raps about living with open eyes and seeing the injustices around us–steroids in our food, pollution, government control, social class warfare, and more.

Another of our favorites, “Hugs From a Mother,” is a tribute to all the women in the world and the sacrifices they make to raise their children. Rizeberg speaks to single moms and grandmas who are helping to raise kids. The inspiration for “Hugs From a Mother” was a poem he once wrote for his own mother.

Josh Rizeberg collabs with Seattle producer Boombox Massacre on this album.

Don’t Be Late — Josh Rizeberg

My Truth — Josh Rizeberg

Hugs From a Mother — Josh Rizeberg

Check out Boombox Massacre vs. Josh Rizeberg, Rize of the Boom. You can download the album in its entirety on Rizeberg’s Bandcamp page. Remember, don’t be late the the video shoot tomorrow at 2pm at People’s Park.

Bird on a Wire

A lone crow watches over Ernest S. Brazill Street and Hilltop Safeway at sunrise.

Demolition Man is Here

Progression: Old walls are down at Community Health Care's new Hilltop site.

Today the sun set on the old Mr. Mac and Sam & Terry Barber Shop building along Hilltop’s Martin Luther King Jr. Way. For weeks the site of Community Health Care’s new regional site has been fenced in. Demolition Man has finally reduced the space to bricks and sticks to make way for the new campus, set to open next year.

While we’re excited for the change, we’re sad to see such pieces of Hilltop’s history in a pile of rubble. 

Community Health Care, take care of the space you’re building. Tend, water, and bring people to her. Bring some life back to our part of town.

Nate Dybevik’s Piano Museum

One of our favorite artsy places on Hilltop right now is N. Dybevik Piano Company. It’s located near 13th and MLK in a cluster of Spaceworks Tacoma projects, including Fabitat and Toy Boat Theatre. Dybevik’s space is thought-provoking and humble. It’s a place we could admire for hours.

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Nate Dybevik is a musician and a collector. All of the old pianos in his Spaceworks spot are from his personal collection and he is learning how to bring them back to life with the help of piano expert Obi Manteufel. The space is a work in progress. It changes little by little, but its essence stays the same. The heart of the space, the pianos, are young and old, worn and torn apart, and beautiful.

In addition to the piano museum, Dybevik plays live music and hopes to teach piano lessons in the space. Stop by N. Dybevik Piano Company and visit the collection. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear some live acoustic music. 

For a preview of Dybevik’s music, check out his Bandcamp site. There you can download his latest album. Also visit his website, Facebook page, and Spaceworks Tacoma’s site for more information and press. 

Most importantly, though: Go see the pianos!

Tacoma teachers, while you were out. . .

We were having our second summer. We did some of the things we wished we had done before September 1. We ate sporadically and drank too many pops. We slept in, visited our aunties and uncles, and had sleepovers. We had a fun time. Now we are ready to be back in school.

Ethan, JorjaAnn, and Shane toured the city during the Tacoma teachers' strike.

Today we realize how important you all are to us. We are excited to see you, wear our uniforms, learn, and talk to our friends. We’re also happy for you and proud of the work you did to secure your contract. Happy teachers make learning fun.

Hilltop, Look Out for a Lost Box Turtle

Speedy, a box turtle from Arkansas, wandered away from his Hilltop home about four weeks ago. He went missing from the area around 23rd and Alaska Streets. When you’re in your yard, please look out below, as his mom is desperate to get him back.

Friends John and Sam play with box turtle Speedy before his disappearance.

Speedy’s mom, Sue is offering a $50 reward for his safe return. If you happen to find him, please email her at

Tune-in to Fab-5 Radio on 90.1 Today at 4:00

Fab-5 Radio plays on KUPS, Channel 90.1, Saturdays at 4 and Tuesdays at 5.

Fab-5 Radio broadcasts local music on Channel 90.1, KUPS. Student DJ’s from Hilltop’s Fabitat work together on the project. Tune-in and check it out. Fab-5 accepts local music submissions at For more information, see Fab-5 Radio’s website.