Evolution of a Sticker

Back in June, we posted a picture of a sticker we found on a power box outside Hilltop’s Fire Station #4. Recently someone added to it.

This guy must appreciate Hilltop’s Fire Station #4 as much as we do.

Street art has always fascinated us. We’re happy to see that it is alive in fun ways around our neighborhood. We, too, thank everyone at our fire station.

The folks at Tacoma’s Fire Station #4 are hard working and dedicated. They go out on calls a bajillion (okay, maybe not that many) times a day, keep their lawn in immaculate condition, and shop at Hilltop Safeway just like us.

Most importantly, though, the crew at Fire Station #4 is responsive, kind, and non-judgemental. They’re exactly who Hilltop needs when 911 calls.

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