TAGRO Delivery

This morning a friendly driver delivered us our first ever order of TAGRO Mix. TAGRO, short for Tacoma Grow, is a mix of wastewater byproducts (biosolids) and other weed-free gardening materials.
The mix is cheap. It’s only $8.00 per square yard for Tacoma residents. If you want it delivered, there is a $15 delivery fee for every 10 miles the truck has to travel. You can also drive to TAGRO’s location in the Port of Tacoma and pick some up yourself. If you only want small amounts, you can take your bucket and shovel down there and get it for free.
Believe it or not, we are super excited about the amount of work we have to do now, even though the stuff is a bit stinky. We’ll just pretend we’re spreading some Tacoma love around the yard.

We had our first ever order of TAGRO delivered this morning just in time for sun.

For more information, including hours, usage tips, and TAGRO’s other products, visit the TAGRO website or call (253) 502-2150.

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