Hilltop’s Psychopath Chick Retires Her Wheels

Saturday night we ventured down to the Foss Waterway Seaport building to watch our Hilltop neighbor, Keri Parker, skate in her final Dockyard Derby Dames roller derby bout. Parker, also known as Psychopath Chick #365, was decked out in purple and skating for the Marauding Mollys. It was quite an experience for us, as it was our first (but definately not last) time watching a bunch of fearless local chicks compete in a bout. 

We found ringside seats at the June 25 Marauding Mollys vs. Femme Fianna bout.

Parker’s retirement from Tacoma’s Dockyard Derby Dames comes after almost six years of practice after practice after practice, an injury here and there, hours put into supporting the league, and fun. . . lots of it. “The average Dame skates for somewhere around three years,” she says. “Six years is a long time.”

Before her involvement in the roller derby, Parker used to skate all around town just for the fun of it. Then a friend recommended she check out the Tacoma league he’d heard was just starting. Parker joined the league in 2006 and has worked hard to help build it through promotion and lots of volunteering. “I’ll have lots of free time now,” Parker says. She has some ideas about how to spend her newly-found time, but isn’t quite sure what she’s going to do with it yet.

By day, Parker works at Total Living Concept in Auburn where she is a Community Guide for adults with developmental disabilities. She would like to continue volunteering her time to the Dockyard Derby Dames by creating a street team that skates around town hanging posters and handing out promotional materials for the league. She’s also planning an event for later this summer, but we’ll talk about that later. Parker’s a fun-loving, energetic gal who we’re sure won’t rest for long.

In her final bout, Parker (with the pink helmet) blocks with teammate MzSNOWmer.

We look forward to attending more derby bouts in the future. It’s a fun crowd and the announcers are hilarious. Plus that, where else can we go to watch ladies knock each other over for points and the fun of it? For more information about the Dockyard Derby Dames, check out their website. There you can see many pictures and even pick up a tee shirt, hoodie, or two.  

2 responses to “Hilltop’s Psychopath Chick Retires Her Wheels

  1. Keri is my hero. :]

  2. Heywood JaBlomee 12XU

    This is a pretty hard core, hard working woman with a heart of gold. I’m sad to see her retire, but people move on. Thankfully, I had the honor and pleasure of coaching the Mollys a while back, and being involved with the Dockyard organization. This is a great group or people. If you have the chance, check out a bout, or if willing and able join them for the ride of your life. 😉 -Heywood

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