Old Obama Newspaper Box Find

This weekend, we stopped into Northeast Tacoma’s Crescent Heights Grocery for some snacks and stumbled upon an old Seattle Times newspaper box that is locked up and no longer in use. That wasn’t strange to us, as we are used to seeing old unused newspaper boxes, but there was a newspaper inside of this one. We peeked through the dirty weathered glass to see what was inside.

The Seattle Times issue commemorating Obama's inauguration is locked in.

We wondered if the January 21, 2009, issue of the Seattle Times commemorating Obama’s inauguration was left locked in the box for political reasons, so we asked the store owner if he knew anything. In his broken English, he told us that he had no idea what we were talking about. We were left wondering: Why is the newspaper there? How long will it stay? And who has the key?

It would sure be neat if the paper could stay there untouched for many years to come, as it almost seems poetic finding an issue celebrating our first African American President, Barack Obama, tucked away in our city on display.

Crescent Heights Grocery is located at 1139 Browns Point Boulevard Northeast, at the top of the winding McMurray Road. If you end up over that way, go visit Obama and pick up some snacks.

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