Neon Tape Art in the Alley

We spotted this tape art piece in an alley along 12th Street between MLK & J Streets.

5 responses to “Neon Tape Art in the Alley

  1. Psychopathchick

    There’s some more at 15th and Yakima. It’s on the foundation of that commercial lot that’s up for sale. Cool stuff!

  2. Nice find! Funny that you should post this because I just got back from a run where I spotted an orange one–down by that motorcycle store on Pacific and D?

  3. Oh weird, some just popped up a couple weeks ago at the old Rainier brewery! 😉

  4. Resonator Apparatus

    These are works by Street Sign Project. Find them on Facebook to see more from around the world!

  5. Very cool art. I live just around the corner, but I haven’t ever seen this. . . I should open my eyes more.

    Incidentally I just started a page on Facebook about developing MLK Way. Would love to start getting some traction. . .

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