Brightly Colored Cranes on a Gloomy Day

Yesterday we were feeling gloomy from hours of being stuck inside due to rain, so we traveled down the road to Pho King for lunch. While it was dark and wet outside, it was warm and joyful inside the restaurant. We find it is always happy at Pho King.

On our way out the door, we noticed two glass containers on the counter we had never seen before. Each was full of brightly colored origami cranes.

Hundreds of origami cranes fill two glass vases on the counter at Hilltop's Pho King.

Cranes symbolize many different things in many different cultures, including hope, peace, longevity, immortality, and joy. Last month, University of Puget Sound students collaborated to create a mobile made of 1000 paper cranes to send to Japan following its March 11 earthquake and tsunami. You can read about their project in the Tacoma Weekly’s article.

Though small, hundreds of colorful origami cranes are quite a sight to behold, even when confined to a jar.

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