Plots Available at Hilltop House Garden

Hilltop House Garden, a community garden at the corner of South 19th and Yakima, has plots available for this growing season.

Hilltop House Garden is a community garden on a privately owned hillside lot.

The garden overlooks much of Tacoma, including the University of Washington Tacoma campus, the port, and beyond. The property includes an orchard at the top and garden plots at the bottom. Gardeners gain access by entering through a gate in the alley below.

Access to the garden is through a gate at the bottom of the property.

Hilltop House Garden is administered through a collaboration between the Guadalupe Land Trust and St. Leo’s Food Connection. It has eleven plots. Gardners must be from Hilltop and agree to help care for the property, including the area around the plots and the orchard. Guadalupe Land Trust’s mission is to “acquire and preserve green spaces in our Hilltop Community. [They] believe [their] gardens will help connect neighbors to one another, nourish and sustain [Hilltop’s] ethnic diversity, and serve as an educational opportunity for [Hilltop’s] young and older community members while providing a place to grow nutritious food. Saint Leo’s Food Connection works to eliminate hunger by providing food to those in need in Tacoma and throughout Pierce County. Their mission states: “We believe that God, out of love, has created a world where there is enough food for everyone. We believe that because of this, everyone has a right to enough food.”

Other Hilltop-area community gardens include:

*Gallucci Learning Garden at the corner of South 14th and G.
*Neighbors Park Garden at South 8th and I.
*McCarver/Zina Linnick Community Garden adjacent to McCarver Elementary at 2111 South J Street.
*Leo’s Garden adjacent to St. Leo’s properties at South 14th and Yakima.
*La Grande Garden, close to Hilltop House Garden and also managed by Guadalupe Land Trust, at South 18th and G.

It’s just about time to begin planting seeds. Interested in tending a plot at Hilltop House Garden? Inquire at (253) 327-1710. For more information about community gardens in Tacoma, visit Tacoma-Pierce County’s Grow Local website. You can also visit the City of Tacoma website for additional community garden information and gardening workshop opportunities.

2 responses to “Plots Available at Hilltop House Garden

  1. Great post! There’s also a community-garden w/ free plots on South M right in-between S 10th & 11th.

    • Yes! The abandoned garden on South M and 10th-ish street is where we plant. Even though there isn’t any water provided anymore, we just steal a cart from Safeway and fill up a few 5 gal buckets and we’re all good.

      We like to call it Gorilla Gardening and there’s a few of us in the immediate vicinity that does it. Great way to hang out with the neighbors!

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