Hilltop Deal: 9 Coffees = Free Carwash

Hazelwood Road, located on the corner of 12th and Sprague in Tacoma, is teaming up with its neighbor, Sprague Avenue Carwash, to bring customers a coffee/carwash deal. Customers who purchase nine drinks from Hazelwood Road will receive a free $10 car wash from Sprague Avenue Carwash.

This sweet coffee/carwash deal is just in time for the spring sunshine.

Hazelwood Road has a wide selection of coffees, other beverages, and baked goods.

Sprague Avenue Carwash offers an automatic carwash and wash-it-yourself stalls.

Hazelwood Road is one of our favorite places to get a quick coffee. They use Dillanos brand coffee and have cheerful baristas. Their hot drinks warm us up during the chilly winter and their iced coffees are perfect for warmer days. They have many flavors and offer a punch card customers can use toward free drinks.

Sprague Avenue Carwash is convenient to use and offers many car wash aids, including air fresheners, rags, interior care products, tire care products, and more. It also has large vacuums customers can use after the wash.

Hazelwood Road’s address is 1213 S. Sprague Avenue. Sprague Avenue Carwash’s address is 1211 S. Sprague Avenue. For more information on both the coffee stand and carwash, including Hazelwood Road’s full menu, check out their website.

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