Mr. Mac is Moving?

Is Mr. Mac moving to a new location?

In its window, Mr. Mac is advertising a moving sale with savings up to 70%.

Mr. Mac is currently located on Tacoma's Hilltop at 1210 Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

The exclusive clothing store’s future location appears to be 1124 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, the spot on the corner of 12th and MLK where Cost Less Wholesale currently resides.

All signs show a future move for Mr. Mac, a longtime Hilltop business.

We are hoping to catch up with Mr. Mac to get the specifics of its move. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Mac at (253) 383-2737 or stop by the store at its current location.

2 responses to “Mr. Mac is Moving?

  1. Hi, Just a little context. Community Health Care is undertaking a 3 story 21million dollar Health Clinic development at their current site on the corner of 12th and MLK. As part of the development they have reached an agreement with Mr. Mac to sell his property. He will likely move into the Cost Less site, as you have indicated but will lease without prohibiting development of the site in the future. It is great to get the word out that he is moving but not leaving the Hilltop.

  2. The new store is cool! Check it out.

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