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Little Blue Car

The little blue car is a regular sight at Hilltop's Le Donut.

Anarchy on the Hill

The Tacoma Anarchist Network’s latest publication, Anarchy on the Hill, is now available at different spots around Hilltop. We found our copy in a newspaper rack at Speed-E-Mart, located at 1101 S. 19th Street.

Anarchy on the Hill is a recent publication by the Tacoma Anarchist Network.

Anarchy on the Hill begins by giving an introduction that includes the purpose of the publication. It also contains chapters on the roots of anarchy, a brief history of Hilltop, and a study in gentrification. Midway through the publication is a chapter about advertising, propaganda, and the Spectacle. There are also chapters containing commentary on politics in Tacoma, various insurrections around the world, and finally, a chronology of anarchist rebellions in the Northwest from 2007 through 2010.

Anarchy on the Hill provides much information about Hilltop and Tacoma, but fails to cite its sources, leading us to question the credibility of its remarks. For example, the publication asserts that “[Mark Lindquist] chooses the direction his underling prosecutors will go in pursuing charges against specific people. For example, after the killing of four cops by Maurice Clemmons in 2009, the prosecutors office chose to retaliate against people who were the same race as Clemmons. In 2010, it brought conspiracy charges against 36 alleged members of the Hilltop Crips. . . ” Without any citations or evidence to support this claim by the Tacoma Anarchist Network, Anarchy on the Hill gives a sense of twisted logic.

Despite its shortcomings, Anarchy on the Hill is worth taking a look at. It gives an other-than-mainstream view of life is on Tacoma’s Hilltop. It also attempts to explain how we arrived at the community we live in today. Hilltop has seen much change over the years and there isn’t much left that paints a picture of the past besides some old buildings and trees, visual reminders of the way it once was.

A solitary tree at the S. Cushman edge of Hilltop's Ferry Park has seen so much change.

We were very honored to find one of our blog’s photos of S. 12th Street, “Fall Sunset,” in Anarchy on the Hill. It shows progression for us here at It tells us that people are finding our blog and photos when they search for information about Hilltop. We would have appreciated a photo credit, but you know how it goes with anarchists–they don’t believe in following all the rules.

You can find more information about the Tacoma Anarchist Network on their website. Many of their events at the M11 Social Space, located at 1212 S. 11th Street, are advertised and open to the public.

Peace Lutheran Youth Group Seeks Donations

Peace Lutheran Church, located at 2106 S. Cushman Avenue in Tacoma, is currently accepting donations for a family event and raffle they will be having in mid-April. Proceeds from the raffle will fund a youth group mission trip in August. The church is planning on sending 25-30 youth on the mission and needs to raise $11,000. Several fundraising events are planned. April’s family event and raffle, still in the planning stages, is the first such event.

For its raffle Peace Lutheran Church is accepting items in new condition, gift certificates for services, or baskets of goodies. This is an excellent opportunity for Hilltop businesses to be involved in the community. Most donations are tax-deductible.

Please contact the church office at (253) 383-1317 for further infomation. You may also visit Peace Lutheran’s website for information about its programs and community involvement.

Peace Lutheran Church is located at 2106 S. Cushman in Tacoma's Hilltop.

Youth at Peace Lutheran are empowered to incite positive change in the world.

Winter Rainbow

A tumultuous sky brings a solitary rainbow to brighten up the winter grays.

Pho King

Pho King is a small Vietnamese restaurant on Hilltop’s Martin Luther King Jr. Way. It the words of one of it’s regular customers, “Pho King is delightful.” It is a little bit hidden beneath a cover of MLK’s old neighborhood trees and definately worth a regular visit.

Pho King is located at 1020 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Tacoma.

It is a small, slightly hidden, Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Hilltop, Tacoma.

Pho King’s staff is friendly and warmly greets each customer with a smile. Servers often allow a choice of tables. Pho King’s menu contains over 50 items, including specialty beverages like bubble tea and Vietnamese soda. In addition to dine-in, Pho King offers a take-out option. There is also a kids’ portion of pho offered to children, ages 12 and under.

Customers who dine in get to enjoy cream puffs and ice water while they select from the menu. The cream puffs are lovely. 

Before each meal, Pho King serves cream puffs and ice water to each table.

The menu includes appetizers, pho (noodle soup), rice plates, rice vermicelli, special items, and beverages. The appetizer menu’s Chicken on Stick is delicious. Customers can order pho with meat, including many cuts of beef, meat balls, and chicken. Pho King also offers a 100% vegetable pho with fried tofu and king mushrooms. All pho choices come with broth, carrots, broccoli, green onions, white onions, and cilantro. Also served is a plate of add-ins, including bean sprouts, basil, lemon, and jalapenos. The prices are reasonable with the most expensive item coming in at under $8.

Pho Ga, or Chicken Pho, is only one of Pho King's many offerings.

The interior of the restuarant is painted in warm browns and oranges. It looks a bit like a job in the works, as some trim pieces are missing around the floor and other areas. This does not detract from the visit, though, as the food and customer service make up for anything lacking in the decoration department. The television is almost always on, giving diners something to watch while waiting. One aspect of adornment that certainly adds to the authenticity of Pho King is its collection of photographs from Vietnam that are spaced throughout the restaurant. They show a life much different than ours.

Pho King's photographs of Vietnam add to the warmth of the restaurant.

Pho King is a happy place eat. It has a steady stream of regulars and wonderful food. It is a perfect addition to the Hilltop community.

Fruit Smoothies, Coffee on Hilltop?

We had always appreciated the happy tropical vibe of a little fruit smoothie and coffee stand we passed each day on the way to Northeast Tacoma. It was painted in pinks and decked out in the finest tropical decor from a party store. Recently, we noticed the stand was gone and it its place a sad and empty paved lot.

Today we found it again. . . and on Hilltop, would you believe? The structure currently sits in front of Security Lock, Safe & Alarm at the corner of 6th Avenue and S. Cushman Street. It isn’t open for business, but will it be? We will have to wait and see. 

The pink smoothie and coffee stand recently moved to Hilltop from Northeast Tacoma.

Monkeyshines Upon Us

Tonight with rested feet and rejuevenated spirits, we again took to the streets of Tacoma seeking Monkeyshines Year of the Rabbit goodies. This time we decided to visit parks we had not yet scoured. At dusk we came upon Tacoma’s nicely-groomed Lincoln-Eldridge Park.

Do you know how many trees are in Lincoln-Eldridge Park? It didn’t seem like so many until we walked to the base of each to look up and down and all around. We almost got dizzy walking circles around each tree, peeking into knots and hiding places around the trunks. After much searching, we walked along the S. 37th Street edge of the park. Close to the sidewalk and sitting atop a rock wall, a shiny Year of the Rabbit medallion smiled upon us.

The Monkeyshines Year of the Rabbit medallion sat atop a rock wall.

We had hoped to find one of the Monkeyshines treasures on Hilltop, but are as happy as can be with the prize we found just off the hill. It took many sites and steps to find.