French Toast and Mirrors

Not too long ago, we introduced our first-ever crew neck sweatshirt. It was fun to find community interest in our product. We learned that our blog has much support from Hilltop and residents of the surrounding Tacoma area. Even more exciting is that many fans of Tacoma’s thriving hip-hop scene support us 100%. So many of them have strong ties to Hilltop and believe in supporting our town, putting Tacoma “on the map.”

Our first pieces of Hilltop Tacoma clothing went to some of Tacoma’s die-hard supporters, including Andy Hyppa, Pat McSweeney, and Glenn Allen (also known as EvergreenOne, one of Tacoma’s best live hip-hop performers.)

Andy Hyppa is a Hilltop native and supporter of all things hip-hop in Tacoma.

Pat McSweeney grew up in the Tacoma area and now resides on Hilltop.

We are currently working on new designs for‘s expanding clothing line, including more crew necks, hoodies, tee shirts, and hats. Look out for more to come.

One response to “French Toast and Mirrors

  1. My husband and I lived in Hilltop before moving to Oahu for the military. We both grew up in Tacoma and miss it very much. He is currently deployed and I know he would love to have a Hilltop sweatshirt. Can you tell me how to order one?

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