Welcome Year of the Rabbit

We awoke early this morning to hunt around Hilltop for Monkeyshines’ colorful Year of the Rabbit orbs. We canvassed Martin Luther King Jr. Way, People’s Park, Wright Park, Ferry Park, Sheridan Park, and the area around Tacoma Power’s Hilltop Substation. No luck. We didn’t see any rabbits.

Later in the morning, we walked the streets of Downtown Tacoma and various parks, including Frost Park, Fireman’s Park, and War Memorial Park. Still no sign of the orbs.

Then, as afternoon approached, we searched Jack Hyde Park, Jefferson Park, Point Defiance’s rose garden, pagoda shrine area, and the rhodedendron garden.

Along the way, we found two crack pipes and a heroin spoon. We also found something fun in Hilltop’s Sheridan Park.

One of the park tables has a black and white built-in tile chessboard. Seeing it reminded me of Disney Pixar’s short film Geri’s Game, the story of an old man who plays chess in a park against the most difficult opponent–himself.

Not a chess fan? Enjoy the table anyway. The park is somewhat secluded with its deciduous trees and is a beautiful little place to have a picnic.

Hilltop's Sheridan Park has a fun little table with a built-in chess board.

Are we going to find any of the Monkeyshines orbs this year? I don’t know. We’ve read other’s accounts of the search. Some people found orbs in the same places we looked. With sore feet, we’ll retire our search for now. Meanwhile, we are hoping. . . and eating our carrots.

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