New Hilltop Safeway Improvements

Hilltop Safeway continues to improve. This time last year, the store was undergoing major improvements, including the addition of a refrigerated food-to-go section, floral displays, new checkstands, and general improvements to the interior and exterior.

Hilltop Safeway continues to improve by adding space for hot deli food.

Now the store is adding hot deli food to the corner between the meats section and the bread. The final outcome of the construction is a little gray for now, though. “It’s gonna be hot foods,” said Hilltop Safeway cashier Gina, “but all I’ve heard so far is that there’s going to be rotisserie chicken–”

Here’s to hoping Safeway’s bringing Chinese food to the Hilltop, too.

Presently, the spot closest to Hilltop to get Safeway’s fresh deli Chinese food is on Sixth Avenue on the way to the Narrows. Bring it to us, Safeway–rotisserie chicken and more. There’s so much a store can do with a little corner.

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